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Ancient Sea Salt

Ancient Sea Salt

Real Salt is the only pink sea salt mined in America; and has been since 1958. It's sourced from an ancient seabed deep beneath Central Utah that has been protected from pollutants for millions of years. There are no microplastics in this unrefined, mineral-rich ancient sea salt.
  • Contains Trace Minerals: Contains vital trace minerals
  • Unrefined & Unbleached: Unlike processed, white, table salt which is devoid of trace minerals, Real Salt is unrefined and unprocessed.
  • Mined in the USA: Mined in Utah since 1958 from an ancient seabed protected from modern pollution and microplastics.

Kelly's Thoughts: The big difference between the untra-processed, bleach-white, refined, table salt on everyone's table and sea salt comes down to: Minerals. An ancient seabed will not contain microplastics, so this is superior to sea salt for that reason. I enjoy this salt and a few other unrefined sea salts. This needs to be in your cooking arsenal.

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