Kelly Lambert is an American Renaissance soul—a filmmaker, writer, bioenergetic chef, and certified nutritional therapist with a passion for product formulation. Rooted in an unwavering devotion to health, art, and culinary pursuits, Lambert has carved a distinctive path in the realm of health and beauty entrepreneurship.

Lambert's initial career unfolded in the restaurant industry, starting as a prep cook and later apprenticing under two chefs. His culinary journey reached its peak with the opening of an organic cafe. However, a temporary injury interrupted this path, returning him back to his passion for health and a deeper understanding of the human body. He returned to college as a pre-med student, shadowing holistic MDs and medical practitioners, and delving into the study of nutrition. Despite stepping away from academia, he completed a certificate as a nutritional therapist to assist and coach private clients.

In 2023, Lambert launched Saint Alchemy, an anti-aging product line dedicated to natural cosmetics and nutraceuticals.