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Siberian Green

Siberian Shilajit (High in Fulvic Acid)

Siberian Shilajit (High in Fulvic Acid)

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This purified Shilajit is from the Altaisky Biosphere Nature Reserve, a protected (34,025 square mile) area set aside for science and research in the Altai Mountains in south-central Russia.

  • Siberian Pure Shilajit Resin Dry Drops - extracted from the Altai Golden Mountains according to GMP standards.
  • High Fulvic Acid profile: Premium purification proprietary technology to maintain the maximum fulvic acid content and original mineral composition
  • Trace mineral complex: besides humic and fulvic complexes, shilajit contains trace minerals.
  • Purity: GMO-free, gluten-free, contains no soy, gelatin, egg, dairy products or caffeine, no fillers.
  • 3rd party Tested: Quality & Safety report in each package and Independent US-based 3-rd party Lab tested

Kelly's Thoughts: This is a solid shilajit brand, at half the price of many competitors. And great to have in your arsenal.

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