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Nordur Salt

Nordur: Arctic Sea Flaked Salt

Nordur: Arctic Sea Flaked Salt

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Brand: Nordur Salt


  • VERSATILE FLAVOR: Bold, bright, and slightly tart flavor perfect for seafood and fish dishes, stews, soups, and salad.
  • CRUNCHY FLAKES: Small, crunchy flakes and pyramids of intense flavor for a unique culinary experience
  • PREMIUM ARCTIC SEA SALT: Made with high-quality, transparent food production with minimal impact on the environment
  • UNIQUE GEO-THERMAL PRODUCTION: The same production method used since 1753 in Iceland
  • HEALTHY CHOICE: Pure, unrefined sea salt, free of additives and preservatives

Details: Experience the bold and slightly tart flavor of Nordur Salt's Traditional Flavor, perfect for adding a distinctive flair to any dish. Whether you're cooking seafood, fish, stews, soups, salads, or meats. the small, crunchy flakes and pyramids of intense flavor are sure to impress. Made using a unique geothermal production method, the salt is reminiscent of the mineral-rich Arctic sea. Nordur Salt is committed to producing high-quality, transparent food with minimal environmental impact. The company's philosophy dates back to 1753 when the geothermal production method was first tried in the same location where Nordur Salt is produced today. Conveniently packaged in a tin plain of 8.8oz, Nordur Salt Traditional Flavor is easy to use and store, making it a must-have ingredient in any kitchen.

EAN: 5694110047953

Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.6 x 2.4 inches

Languages: english, german, french, spanish, italian, swedish


Reverse Osmosis Water, Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

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Volume & Dose

2 oz bottle

1 drop = 1 mg copper sulphate

Suggested Use

Apply 15-30 drops topically to skin, face, neck and arms, legs, feet or as needed.

AVOID contact with eyes. Flush with water if accidental contact.

Avoid contact with broken skin.

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