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Hinoki Wood Cutting Board

Hinoki Wood Cutting Board

Brand: Invisioncorp

Color: Wood Color


  • 【 PREMIUM CYPRESS WOOD 】 Each cutting board is distinctively handmade by Korean dal-in (master) craftsman from sustainably sourced, hand-selected cypress wood.
  • 【 ONE SOLID PIECE 】 Often, other wooden cutting boards are made of layered thin strips of wood glued together to mimic fancy look but lower the cost. This leads to easily cracking and less durable cutting boards that may not be safe for your kitchen. Our cutting board is crafted from one whole thick piece of cypress wood, making them last much longer and perform exceptionally better.
  • 【 KNIFE FRIENDLY 】 Our hinoki board is much better for your knives and cutlery than conventional plastic cutting boards when prepping fruit, veggies, meats or bread. Its smooth and soft surface is much gentler on sharp edges of cutlery and keep them sharp longer. It helps to keep the blade edge and requires less knife maintenance over time. Plus, it minimizes stress on your hand and wrist when it is in contact with knives, better for both you and your kitchen tools
  • 【 MAINTENANCE 】 Wet the surface before each use to prevent staining. Hand wash using a non-toxic mild natural detergent and rinse thoroughly, then let air dry. Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not use in dishwasher. It is highly recommended to apply oils (such as olive oil, refined coconut oil, or mineral oil) at least a couple of times before using.
  • 【 GREAT GIFT 】 Our high quality premium chopping board’s natural design and refreshing fragrance makes it not only a great addition to your kitchen but also a fantastic gift for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Housewarming, Wedding, Christmas, and Birthday.

model number: Hinoki Cutting Board

Details: Hinoki Cypress Wooden Cutting Board 1" thick (dimensions and weight may slightly vary due to handmade craftsmanship) Unfinished, Untreated, Reversible, Professional Grade, No logo, No knots. Made in Korea

EAN: 0860008715180

Package Dimensions: 16.0 x 9.0 x 1.0 inches

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