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Amehla Hive Cocktail Cystal Glasses (Set of 4)

Amehla Hive Cocktail Cystal Glasses (Set of 4)

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Brand: Amehla


  • HAND MADE GLASSWARE of CRYSTAL GLASS - Designed by bar industry professionals, cylindrical throughout, no taper. We combined a thick weighted bottom, with a thin walled upper to give you a crisp sip and a beefy feel in your hand. WEIGHTED 🏋️ with a thick solid glass bottom where our honeycomb hammered pattern is hand etched along the bottom of this whiskey old fashioned glass. Heavy duty barware designed by Amehla.
  • ON THE ROCKS or STRAIGHT UP: A hefty 12-ounce double capacity for an old fashioned glass, this rocks glass set welcomes whiskey, scotch, bourbon or any other liquor or spirit straight up, or with an oversized large clear ice cube, whiskey stones, or a dash of water, whatever your preference. It also is great for any craft cocktails including, but not limited to, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Margarita, White Russian, even a Mai Tai are served in style with these.
  • SIZE: 12-ounce Capacity. Weighing just over 1 pound. 3.3" at top and bottom, 3.75-inches tall. Perfect for awakening the mixologist in you and busting out your craft cocktail recipe book to unwind and enjoy cocktails with friends or solo.
  • Add style to your cocktail set or home bartender kit with these weighted bar cups. Great bourbon gifts for the whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or cocktail enthusiast in your life.

Details: Double Old Fashioned Glasses by Amehla - 12-ounces. Heavy weighted base with hand detailed etching impression around bottom. Handblown. Stylish drinkware creators, Amehla, continue to brighten your bar and mixology experience with this whiskey glass set. 2 bar glasses with weighted, heavy duty base with hand etched honeycomb hammered hexagon design. Over 3-inches wide at opening allows plenty of room for large clear ice cubes - square or sphere. Stir up your favorite drink in a cocktail mixing glass and strain over ice. The old fashioned glass - utility player of drinkware doesn't play favorites and serves scotch, brandy, bourbon, vodka, gin, tequila, irish whiskey, any alcohol with distinction. Pair with a cigar and voila they're scotch glasses, good 'ol Tennessee whiskey glasses. The possibilities are endless for these beautiful glasses. Unique glassware for your bar tray or cart. **Please contact us directly with any breakage noted upon receipt of product.

Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 9.2 x 4.7 inches


Reverse Osmosis Water, Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

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2 oz bottle

1 drop = 1 mg copper sulphate

Suggested Use

Apply 15-30 drops topically to skin, face, neck and arms, legs, feet or as needed.

AVOID contact with eyes. Flush with water if accidental contact.

Avoid contact with broken skin.

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