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Pure Therapro Rx

Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate & Malate

Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate & Malate



  • IMPROVED ABSORPTION: Optimum Magnesium features highly bioavailable, well-tolerated Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate, plus Malic Acid from Di-Magnesium Malate for increased efficacy. To further improve absorption, Optimum Magnesium utilizes EmboCaps for a delayed release of 45 minutes into the small intestine. This delayed release allows for optimal absorption and bioavailability.
  • NON-DROWSY MAGNESIUM: Magnesium is an essential mineral that supports several bodily functions, such as muscle and nerve activities. It also helps support healthy carbohydrate metabolism. Many Magnesium products can make you drowsy or sleepy. Our formula contains Malic Acid (Malate) which supports energy production and is an excellent choice for daytime use.
  • NUMEROUS HEALTH BENEFITS: Optimum Magnesium is an excellent source of Magnesium that is needed for over 600 bodily processes. Supports cardiac, skeletal, and nerve functions, as well as helps maintain strong bones and teeth. Furthermore, it supports the body’s important Glutathione and antioxidant systems.
  • PURE AND POTENT: Optimum Magnesium is manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility to ensure superior quality and potency. It is free of wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, soy, animal or dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, & artificial flavors.
  • ABOUT US: Pure TheraPro Rx was founded in Denver Colorado to formulate and manufacture the highest quality supplements available on the market today. Purity is our priority, which is why we insist on using patented, clinically studied ingredients, and never utilizing fillers, flow agents, excipients, or ingredients sourced from China. We also never use dairy, gluten, corn, soy, or other common allergens in any of our class-leading, practitioner-recommended formulas.

Details: Introducing Optimum Magnesium from Pure TheraPro Rx – a powerful combination of Albion TRAACS Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate and Di-Magnesium Malate to support healthy biological functions. Albion TRAACS patented mineral amino acid chelates are resistant to competitive minerals, do not lessen effectiveness of vitamins, and pose a lowered risk of overdosing. Optimum Magnesium provides Magnesium, an essential mineral that is a key component in numerous biochemical reactions throughout the body. It helps support cardiovascular health, healthy muscle function, bone health, energy production, and healthy carbohydrate metabolism. Additionally, Malic acid (from Di-Magnesium Malate) is active in the Krebs cycle and provides nutritive support for normal, healthy muscular energy. Malic acid may support antioxidant systems by enhancing Glutathione and antioxidant enzymes. To ensure unmatched quality, Optimum Magnesium is manufactured in the United States in a GMP-certified facility and meets or exceeds cGMP quality standards. Experience the difference that Pure TheraPro Rx Optimum Magnesium can make and jump start your journey towards optimum health.

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