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Kelly Lambert

Osteo FX

Osteo FX

Bone and joint health is deteriorating due to mineral and vitamin deficiencies. The NIH reports over 60% of women will have major bone loss (osteopenia) by age 50. But the truth is much more grim: low level osteoporosis starts young. Calcium does not work alone, your body needs the mineral and vitamin co-factors for proper calcium absorption, retention and metabolism.

  • Calcium and Co-factors: Contains high levels of calcium and the required mineral and vitamin co-factors (such as vitamin D, boron and strongtium) for proper calcium absorption, retention and metabolism.

  • Bone & Joint Building: Contains all required, or essential, vitamins and minerals for normal bone and joint maintenance, and regrowth.
  • Selected Minerals: Contains baseline amounts of specific selected minerals for optimum body maintenance and metabolic function, and trace amounts of all known required minerals.

  • 77+ Trace Minerals: Contains Majestic Earth Minerals mined in Emory, Utah from fulvic acid rich ancient plant matter deposits of humic shale.

Kelly's Thoughts: This is the best bone and joint rebuilding supplement I've found. It fixed my severe muscle cramps, and my tinnitus. Low level osteoporosis is extremely common even amongst young people: It can manifest as at least 26 different surprising symptoms.

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