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Kelly Lambert

Colloidal Trace Minerals (Ancient Plant-Derived)

Colloidal Trace Minerals (Ancient Plant-Derived)

Our bodies need a steady stream of at least 60 minerals - many in trace amounts - to function properly. These plant-derived minerals are liquid concentrates containing up to 77 minerals from prehistoric times in their colloidal form.

  • Minerals: Contains 77 minerals in liquid colloidal form, extracted from prehistoric, natural humic, shale deposits.

  • Higher Absorption: Very small, colloidal, molecular size (7000 times smaller than a red blood cell) makes it more bioavailable to your cells.

  • Colloidal Chelation: By chelating (or the bonding of ions and molecules to metal ions) these colloidal minerals may provide greater absorption of any metallic form minerals (like in powders / pills) that one takes.

  • Price point: At 32 servings per bottle it's one of the less expensive fulvic/humic mineral supplements on the market.

  • Fulvic/Humic: Derived from ancient deposits of mineral rich Humic Shale.

Kelly's Thoughts: You need ALL of the minerals in able to be metabolically healthy. Fulvic trace minerals are in a very small molecular size, colloidal, and ionic in nature. Which means they are much more bioavailable than the larger metallic form minerals found in pills and powders. Besides that, This is Dr. Joel Wallach's brand. He is a pioneer, and in my opinion, a true hero in the holistic health realm.

NOTE: If you sign up as a "preferred customer" (which is free) you get the product cheaper. Yes, I know, this is an MLM. But, you can just buy the product, outright. It's the best fulvic/humic colloidal minerals I've found to date.

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