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Bluestone | Ionic Copper Netraceutical

Bluestone | Ionic Copper Netraceutical

Bluestone: Copper Sulfate Anti-Aging Topical Solution

Bluestone, or vitriol of copper, has been
used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes
dating as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece,
Rome and Aztec civilizations.  Copper is an
essential trace mineral known for its
anti-aging and pro-mitochondrial properties.  
The copper enzyme lysyl oxidase facilitates
collagen and elastin formation.  Another
copper enzyme, tyrosinase, catalyzes the
production of the pigment melanin, which is
needed to tan, protect skin from UV light,
and prevent graying hair. Copper is also
used in the mitochondria to produce ATP; the molecule that carries energy (voltage) in our cells.

RDA: 2mg per day (2 drops)

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