5 Ways To Be Physically Fit for TEOWAWKI

I’ve never been so cautious in my way of thinking or thought much about disaster preparedness until I settled down and had a family. In the light of the calamities that have happened in different parts of the world, I feel that it is in my best interest to prepare for any kind of emergency. I began my research with the bug out bag and the main things that my family would need to survive the first 72 hours.  This got me started with the business of prepping up for a worst case scenario.  The first site I found was The Best Bug Out Bag List ( www.thebestbugoutbaglist.com ) run by Josh, a modern day survivalist.  He has great information on surviving the initial disaster.  We talked and he suggested I consider fitness as a priority.  So here we go.

The top priority in gearing up for a disastrous event actually involves strengthening yourself for any eventuality. This goes beyond just getting your emergency supplies all packed and ready. It means assessing your physical fitness and taking steps to ensure that you can handle a disastrous event. Because let’s face it, if you already feel exhausted with your daily activities, you will be easily overwhelmed in the face of a calamity.

You can begin by taking small steps to improve your fitness. This means combining exercise with a proper diet, meaning more taking in more fruits and vegetables, and a better kind of lifestyle. Here are some of steps that I have taken to better prepared. Remember that the goal is to be in decent shape so you can survive a disaster, it’s not to qualify for the Olympics.

  • Choose an activity that you can commit to. It’s important to decide on something that you like to do so you can have a fun time while trying to get fit. In my case, jogging daily has helped me lose some pounds and has given me a better frame of mind. Others may find yoga easier to do than running or swimming. The point is to settle on an exercise that will get you off the chair and moving about.
  • Decide on activities that your entire family can enjoy. It is important that your entire family is ready for any eventuality so keeping them active is essential. You can do this by joining an exercise group or a sports team. Don’t spend for membership because you can just as easily organize one with your neighbors or friends. A weekly game of baseball will do wonders for everyone’s health. You cannot carry the load for each person in your family so it’s critical that they are physically fit as well.
  • Engage in body strengthening activities. Lifting weights can help you build up your muscles and prepare you for difficult times. Keep in mind that you will need to carry stuff and pretty much do things on your own in an extreme event. Building up your body will help you manage rocky paths, climb inclines in a forested area, cut branches off trees, and lift pieces of debris to clear your path. These can become regular tasks in a disastrous event.
  • Tone down on unhealthy activities such as smoking or drinking. This can be a tall order but your life and that of your family depends on it. Aside from the health risks which you’re probably all too familiar with, it would be easier to gradually cut down on the habit than going cold turkey when disaster strikes. Adjusting your lifestyle will help you become better prepared, mentally, for stressful situations.
  • Learn back to basics skills. This is critical in an emergency scenario and can mean life or death to you. Knowing how to pitch a tent, create a makeshift shelter, fish or hunt for game are important skills to learn. This will serve you well even after a disastrous event.

Physical Therapy Exercise Helps Reduce Depression in Seniors


Depression is both an emotional and mental state that affects millions of people, especially the elderly. It can sometimes reach to a serious range that requires the patient to seek for professional consultation.

Thanks to the article posted by guest author Miles Cavender, a certified physical therapist and researches on topics associated with this. Cavender also has other works like Ultrasound Technician Training and Surgical Tech Schools. The information imparted by the author helps readers to have more knowledge on the chosen topic. The views of the cited writer do not necessarily mean a reflection of the views of this site?s owners.

Studies have shown that exercising three times every week could be more efficient compared to the medication to relieve symptoms of major depression in elderly people.Physical therapy exercises also help to reduce the risks of the depression coming back over a period of time. It is also strongly recommended that doing physical activities such as exercising can be a preventive measure against depression or other emotional illness in elders.

Exercises put on an influential impact on depression as it is regularly the means of a comprehensive plan for treating it. If a person lacks exercise, it can build up a depressed physical condition ? low level of energy, cardiovascular function and fitness ? having a direct force on one?s mood. This kind of activity not only increases the body?s metabolism, but it also releases brain chemicals referred as endorphins. It can also raise one?s self-esteem, letting the person see his self physically fit.

Physical therapy plays an important role in relieving depression. As one of the treatment techniques used by therapists, exercising along with medication and counseling can lessen the pain and other physical symptoms of depression that might have contributed to the mood. Generally, physical therapists recommend the elderly to have an exercise routine. This is to help the physical condition to get better, thus lightening the symptoms.

The advanced physical therapy trainings and education of a therapist can be a tool in helping elderly people deal with the physical elements of depression. However, doctors agree that there is more research to be made to completely understand the relationship of exercise affecting depression.

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